Friday, August 28, 2009

Fisherman Protest Obama in Vineyard Haven Harbor

A flotilla of New Bedford fishing vessels steamed through Vineyard Haven harbor on Tuesday to draw attention to controversial fisheries management proposals.

One of the vessels had a large banner hanging from the side that said, "Catch shares, corporate shares," a reference to a new regulatory framework known as catch shares. Another dragger carried a banner that said, "Fishing families are working families."

Bob Vanasse, executive director of Saving Seafood, an industry newsletter, said the parade of vessels was not a protest. "We are welcoming the President," he said.

The commercial fishermen are concerned about a proposal that would divide up fishery resources into "catch shares" that could be allocated to commercial interests.

Catch shares work by granting access to a secure share of the total allowed catch to individual fishermen, communities or fishery associations.MVTimes
Read about "Catch Shares," which is an attempt to end overfishing, here and here.