Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Surprise! It's Ben Bernanke

Obama said he wasn't going to make any news in Martha's Vineyard, but he decided it was a good time to reappoint Ben Bernanke, who by the way is a republican. Bernanke needs to be confirmed by the Senate. Note the missing tie that says "I'm still on vacation." I'm curious as to why Obama made this announcement now. Bernanke's term ends Jan. 31. All the Ron Paul supporters, who believe the Fed should be melted, are sure to be disappointed, but I'm sure they didn't expect otherwise.

After the Bernanke announcement, Obama went golfing:
Following the short announcement, the president traveled to the Mink Meadows Golf Club, a public nine-hole course on West Chop. His foursome for the morning round of golf included perennial golf buddy Marvin Nicholson, Michael Ruemmler of the advance team and Sam Kass, who works in the White House kitchen.

Word spread quickly this morning around Mink Meadows Golf Club that a certain chief executive was on hand for a round, according to a pool press report.

By the time President Obama made the turn on the 9-hole course around 10:30 this morning, crowds started to gather. At the course clubhouse, in front of the 9th green, desperate for a view, the crowd of about 50 onlookers was initially contained to the wraparound porch that fronts the dark-shingled clubhouse.

But after conferring further, Secret Security officers and course managers asked the crowd to move inside the building as the president approached.