Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cheney Still Slamming Obama Supports Tea Baggers

Fox News Sunday host asks Cheney that if he's asked to speak to the special prosecutor, will he? Cheney: "It depends."
While all the other Sunday shows are honoring Kennedy, Fox interviews Dick Cheney, who's still calling torture "enhanced interrogation." Cheney is like a dark, dark cloud.
He's still supporting all that the Cheney-Bush administration did. What else would he do? What do people expect? Cheney to have a sudden moment of humanness? Sometimes I wonder if Cheney isn't our first robot-human hybrid, a top secret project. He's so cold and so icky.
"It was good policy" Cheney said, and even in cases where it went beyond legal authorization, Cheney says he's okay with that.
Cheney lies and says Obama said there wouldn't be any investigations into torture.
Obama NEVER said that. What Obama said was that he didn't want any investigations. Obama wanted to look forward. Cheney and his ilk wouldn't know a truth if it danced with bells on before their eyes.
Cheney says Obama is playing politics. Obama? It's the Department of Justice, acting independently, that sees a need to investigate.
I say the special prosecutor needs to dig all the way to the top. Keep digging until they get to Cheney. CIA agents shouldn't be punished. They were just following the law, even though that was screwed up under Cheney-Bush. The only people who should be punished are the people at the top.
On health care, Cheney says what you would expect him to say. On town hall violence and craziness, he approves. He says it proves that the Obama administration is failing.
I tuned out early, because Cheney on a Sunday turns my stomach.

Meanwhile, on This Week's roundtable, Liz Cheney can't seem to shut up when she's supposed to. Liz Cheney says waterboarding isn't torture and she's still defending dad. I think she's a stand-by whenever the show's topic is torture.