Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rush Claims Buddies With Golf Course Owner on "Marxist Vineyard"

This little gem comes from The Vineyard Gazette. Rush, always the loudest fool, apparently bragged that Obama was golfing at a course, in what he calls "Marxist Vineyard" (would we expect anything else?), owned by one of his pals. Maybe what Rush really wants is a little love and a round of golf with Obama:
That’s Marxist Vineyard, for anyone who did not listen to the big man refer to the Island as such at least six times on air today. He did not identify the friend or the course. But Rush — who did reveal that he, the elite Big Rush himself, has flown to Marxist Vineyard “a number of times” — declared this to the Limbaughers listening:
“Now, there are two golf courses up there but ‘the’ golf course on Marxist Vineyard is owned by a friend of mine and I’m told that arrangements have been made that Obama and his merry band of golfers is going to show up there a couple, three times this week.”
Well, last we checked there are at least four golf courses on the Vineyard: Edgartown Golf Club, Vineyard Golf Club, Farm Neck and Mink Meadows. None is owned by a single person, though there is also a family-owned six-hole scenario on Chappaquiddick. Or maybe Rush meant Island Mini Golf.
Anyway, facts-schmachts. Still, who? The Obamas are renting (at personal expense) the home of William Van Devender, a generous Republican donor who was one of the founding members of Vineyard Golf Club, though none is a sole owner. Read the whole thing.