Thursday, August 27, 2009

Biden: Loss of Kennedy May Serve as Catalyst for Health Care Reform

Obama must have a bunch of things running around his mind. In addition to being on the verge of Middle East peace negotiations, dealing with the escalating the war in Afghanistan and mourning the death of his friend, now he needs to come up with a fitting eulogy for Ted Kennedy's funeral on Saturday, and hopefully, a new strategy to get health reform on the right track.

As Biden says, Kennedy's loss seems to be re-inspiring health care reform efforts, which needs to be ripped out of the clutches of the wingnuts. The people who are against health reform are mostly uninformed as far as I can tell and the media hasn't done a very good job of laying out the facts (watch the media excel at laying out health reform facts in the 1970s). It would be a whole lot better if republicans got on board and people could put politics aside and work together like adults, and it would be nice if Kennedy inspired that. But what are the chances?