Monday, August 31, 2009

Obama and Gates Solicit Questions From the Troops

Obama invites military to ask questions at

Many of the questions posted have to do with pay:
Mr. President Sir,

My question deals with pay issues for all the service members. Why is it that we are the one’s who are putting our life in harms way and get paid so little compared to people that are back in the USA such as Professional atheletes, they are just an icon that will eventually fade away. As for us we are barely even recognized just trying to make ends meet. Why are we not getting paid better.
And there are tough ones on health care:
How can you promise the American people healthcare and not even beable to provide proper healthcare to retirees. I know of a retiree that died of pancreatic cancer VA hospital said it woud be 6 weeks to see him he died 3 weeks later.