Friday, December 26, 2008

Extremists Suffer Serious Obama Denial

Extremists, who give conservatives a bad name, just can't face up to an Obama presidency. It's deep-rooted racism. No doubt about it, at least according to me.

Mike Huckabee's former campaign manager Chip Saltsman distributed, for Christmas, a Rush Limbaugh favorite -- Barack the Magic Negro. Limbaugh still can't get over the fact that Obama is black. 

Saltsman (here's his email: is actually a candidate to chair the RNC. If this is the state of the RNC, they'll need 8 years, at least, to grow up. 
TPM: If one of the Republican Party's challenges is how to effectively oppose the first black president without coming off as racist, one of the candidates for RNC chair is hardly off to a good start -- he is now distributing a CD that includes a racially-charged song called "Barack, The Magic Negro."
Sean Hannity is leading a "resistance" to the Obama administration: 
Radimist: Since the election, Hannity has described his radio show as the outpost of "the conservative underground," as if a show that's legally on over 500 stations could be underground in any real sense of that word. There is little doubt that there are many conservatives who think America will become a radical country under the Democrats and last night I heard on Mike Gallagher's show of a group that is trying to organize these people - Grassfire.
At the Grassfire web site, you get an idea of the immaturity at work here. What's not good is this kind of thing inspires lunatics to violence. If you head to (under Obamatruthfile), you'll often see violence against Obama in code. No kidding. 
Here's a passage of the Grassfire-led "resistance:"
Resisting is just the first step. That is why we propose a three-phased recovery for conservatives: Resist, Rebuild, and Restore. We believe that resisting will create newfound unity among conservatives. Out of this, we must then Rebuild our structures. New, invigorating models must be developed that inform, equip and bring together conservatives and prepare us to return our ideas to political prominence. The Internet will be a key battleground The Left has moved far ahead in its embrace of and usage of new 2.0 technologies. The Rebuild process will leave Americans with a clear ideological and practical choice between the Left’s statist model and our model based on God-given individual liberties.

Having rebuilt, we can then Restore conservative ideas to leadership by winning elections. Ultimately, a movement’s ideas must result in electoral victories because that is the basis for legitimate authority and ultimately for implementing one’s ideas. will soon be announcing a breakthrough effort that will allow our members to get engaged directly in the election process. Stay tuned.

Resist. Rebuild. Restore. It’s not an easy path for grassroots conservatives, but it is a clear path. We know what we must do. And it begins with resisting rightly —respecting the new President but never backing away from the God-given ideals of freedom and liberty upon which this nation was founded.
I have to believe that Sean Hannity is also concerned about his ratings. 
You can also find Obama resistance from, believe it or not, the Pumas. You remember them. They believe Obama is a stealth Muslim terrorist, the guy who stole the election from Hillary.  

Another strain of resistors are the ones who claim Obama isn't eligible to be president. The nutty Wiley Drake, a pastor of all things, is hating on Rick Warren for accepting Obama's invitation to give the invocation. Oh, the irony. Drake is one of the sorry souls who have filed a lawsuit questioning Obama's birthplace and his eligibility to be president. I hope the people at his "church" are aware of his lunacy.
BUENA PARK — Southern Baptist Pastor Wiley Drake bashed Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren this week, saying "God will punish" Warren for agreeing to give the invocation at President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration next month.
"I pray He is kind to you in this punishment that is coming," Drake wrote in a widely-released e-mail. In it, the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park pastor criticizes Warren's "recent plan to invoke the presence of almighty God on this evil illegal alien," a reference to Obama.
Notice he said "evil." I'll say again, these folks are merely racists. It's really that simple. Otherwise, they would come up with grownup strategies of moving forward, while living with the fact that their guy or gal didn't win. They'd find constructive ways to make their voices heard.