Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Right Wrongly Gleeful over Rick Warren

This editorial in the Wall Street Journal is Wrongo. Just because many of us are voicing disgust and disappointment in Rick Warren having such an honor at Obama's inauguration, doesn't mean we'll be the thorn in Obama's side.

We can disagree, have a discussion and then we can find ways to move forward. The nature of the left is progression. The nature of the right is sameness.

The left doesn't appear to be like the right, which is without a doubt, hung up on abortion, immigration and gay rights.
WSJ: For about a generation, many on the left have believed that active and unapologetic intolerance of the right was justified because its views on matters such as abortion and gay rights were simply unacceptable. This moral somersault may work for them, but to the average American voter, a full-throated assault on the likes of Rick Warren for being "wrong" on two of many issues looks like simple intolerance.

The person in this drama for whom the leftwing Democratic habit of moralized intolerance could be a problem is Barack Obama. The left loaded up heavily in its support of candidate Obama, first against the Clinton machine -- always thought to be too willing to compromise with the center -- and then in the general campaign. These elements in the Democratic Party know what they want Barack Obama to deliver on judges, the environment, global warming and lifestyle rights litigation.

Mr. Obama's choice of Rick Warren for the Inaugural's invocation suggests that he is intent on using the momentum of his remarkable victory to build a governing coalition for the long haul. The silver lining for Republicans may be that the left won't let him do that.