Friday, December 26, 2008

Obama Most Admired Man

Obama visits soldiers on Christmas.
Obama is the most admired man and Hillary is the most admired woman, according to Gallup. He scores big 32%. George Bush is No 2 with 5% of the vote. How does Bush even score 5%? 
Gallup: A remarkable 32% of Americans choose Barack Obama as the man they most admire living anywhere in the world today, putting him in the No. 1 position on Gallup's annual Most Admired Man list. Hillary Clinton earns the top spot for Most Admired Woman, named by 20%.
Here's a tidbit from Politico this morning:
McCain ad man Fred Davis e-mails Politico's Daniel Libit about the President-elect: 'At my family Christmas dinner tonight, all 20 or so of us Republicans, all felt he was doing a very good job being bi-partisan, and not playing any games at all. All agreed, and this was a shocker. Not so good for the press, maybe, but could be very good for our country.'