Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hillary to Travel To South Korea in April

The most powerful woman in the world will help drop the ball in Times Square tonight.
NY Daily News: The most powerful woman in the world.
So Hillary Clinton will become with the dawn of a new White House. Madam Secretary of State. A strong hand in a velvet glove, extended to the globe on behalf of the most anticipated presidency in generations.
Short of Barack Obama, no American today has a greater opportunity to shape international history than does New York’s departing junior U.S. senator.
And, short of Barack Obama, no American played a greater role last year in influencing the choice of the 44th President of the United States. Clinton galvanized 18 million voters and made her ultimately successful rival much the better by testing him vigorously.
For carrying the banner of a history-making candidacy with a resolve and class worthy of this city — in victory and defeat — we today salute Hillary Clinton as the Daily News New Yorker of the Year for 2008.
Besides being New Yorker of the Year, Hillary will likely be appointed to deal with the Gaza conflict asap, and she's expected to travel to South Korea, China and Japan in April.