Monday, December 22, 2008

Chris Shays Backed to Lead Peace Corps

Update July 15: Obama picks Aaron Williams to head Peace Corps.
Read Jim Himes' letter to Obama advocating for Chris Shays to lead the Peace Corps.
The Hill: The entire House delegation from Connecticut joined Rep.-elect Jim Himes (D) on Thursday to endorse Rep. Chris Shays (R), whom Himes just defeated in last month's election, to head the Peace Corps in the Obama administration.

"As I've noted many times, Chris Shays is a man of grace and courage who served the Fourth District well for many years," Himes said. "As a former Peace Corps volunteer and a strong believer in America's special obligation to work toward peace and freedom, Congressman Shays would do a wonderful job of representing our country to those nations of the world served by the Peace Corps."

Shays has expressed interest in the position before, in interviews immediately following the election, but has not concretely committed to that position, or running again for elected office in Connecticut.