Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Media Reporting Where Obama Will Stay

The Obamas want to get their daughters off to school before inauguration, but the Blair House won't be ready because George is using it (for something very important, I'm sure), so in the meantime, the Obamas, apparently, are moving into the Hay-Adams Hotel.
The media was asked not to report where the Obamas were staying but they did anyway. I wonder if it won't just be a decoy. But that would be an awful lot of trouble for the surrounding residents of the Hay-Adams. I imagine anyone who really wanted to know where Obama was staying would know, and really, how could you hide the first family?
Obama's Secret Service had better be the best there is because there are plenty of serious loons out there who are doing whatever they can to keep Obama out of the White House. Their efforts have been futile and low key so far (the whole birth certificate idiocy) but the lunacy of some folks can't be dismissed.
NYT: At least he’ll have a good view of the White House. When President-elect Barack Obama moves to town this weekend, he will be staying in the famed Hay Adams Hotel just across Lafayette Park from his new digs.

Mr. Obama is bringing his family to Washington a couple weeks before his inauguration so his daughters can start school on Monday, but since Blair House, the government’s official guest residence, is booked until Jan. 15, the Obamas will be staying for a while in the presidential suite at the Hay Adams.

The transition office confirmed Tuesday that the Obamas were moving this weekend but declined to identify the hotel. But the Secret Service has begun notifying neighbors of the hotel that it will be tightening security around the building through the 15th because of its prominent new guests.