Friday, April 25, 2008

Indianans Say Hillary is the Negative Candidate By Far

thank you indiana. that indianans recognize hillary's lousy disposition means obama has a good chance there.
south bend tribune: One thing Hoosiers have noticed is the tone of the campaign, according to the poll.

Some 48 percent said Clinton was running the more negative campaign of the two, compared to the 23 percent who pointed their finger at Obama. About 21 percent said both were equally negative and 8 percent weren’t sure.

And what do the campaigns think of that?

Clinton has answered Obama attacks, Swain said.

“You really can’t sit back and let misleading statements or attacks go unanswered,” he said. “And so from our campaign, it really is about setting the record straight, making sure that if there were questions about Senator Clinton’s record on an issue that the voters actually have the facts in front of them.”

Obama, on the other hand, has benefited from the perception that Clinton is more negative, even in Pennsylvania, said Griffis, his Indiana spokesman.

who can beat mccain in indiana (indiana hasn't voted for a democrat president in decades):
south bend tribune: The poll asked separate samples of voters who would win against John McCain - Clinton or Obama?

In either scenario, McCain wins Indiana, but Obama is slightly closer to beating him than is Clinton.

McCain would get 52 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 41 percent, said the sample of 600 likely voters from both parties.

McCain would get 51 percent to Obama’s 43 percent.