Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Again With the "Dream Ticket"

the only people calling for this so called obama - clinton "dream ticket" are those who haven't been paying close attention, those who think that clinton is okay and hasn't watched her make every nasty move. no doubt, all the mud slinging originated with hillary and obama has had to respond in a tempered manner.

she would taint obama's message of change. she is old-style politics and obama is running against that.

she has proven herself to of poor character, more of the same. funny thing, i used to like hillary when she was first lady. but then again, i've never paid this much attention to politics. the only thing she has in her favor is that she's a woman and her supporters are really looking forward to a woman president.

clinton tried to pitch her hillary - obama ticket as an exploitative way to say that she was more presidential. it didn't work.

as to what i will do if hillary steals the election, i think i will sit this one out. to vote for hillary would be to vote for someone who is below the highest office in the nation. the oval office does not need to be sullied anymore.

i don't think i could vote for mccain. i think he's wrong minded on foreign policy and oblivious to economics. after four years of hillary or mccain, we would surely be ready for change, and obama could run in 2012. sometimes you gotta hit bottom before change happens.