Monday, April 28, 2008

The Shrinking Presidency

here we are, with our myriads of problems, and one of the most extraordinary leaders signs up to fix our unraveling nation, and what do we do? we proceed to rip him apart.

here is a person who has campaigned tirelessly for the past year, away from his wife and two young daughters, to fight our battles, someone who's obviously patriotic but is accused of not wearing a flag pin.

he's had to go far beyond hillary in his efforts, in part because there still are slugs in this nation who wouldn't vote for a black person.

he's had to battle his own party, the unsavory clintons, who have been less than decent in this campaign and feel entitled to the presidency. that people, women particularly, have been so blind to that, is sad.

because he appeared on fox news with chris wallace to appeal to more voters, liberals, who typically support him, attacked him. what kind of insanity is that?

our irresponsible and shallow media has merely been a tool to barbecue him and they've been able to do it with clips of a preacher. crazy.

all of this seems so absurd. here is this able and talented person, who's enlisted to battle on behalf of americans, and we're tearing him to shreds like rabid dogs. not only that, but we have dragged muslims, an entire race of people and a church congregation through the mud with him.

it's occurring to me that politics and the presidency never will be a way to make meaningful change in this nation.