Wednesday, April 30, 2008

McCain: Nice Little Break for Americans

he's talking about the mccain-hillary gas tax holiday, which has been criticized by many economists. one, it could actually drive up prices even more, two it's part of hillary's "gift basket" politics, three, it makes no sense whatsoever.

hillary is running around posing for cameras at indiana gas stations doing her part to promote the mccain-hillary holiday. her supporters cheer. come on, ladies. it's sad so many women are playing into this first woman president thing at the cost electing the worst candidate. hillary's even running an ad based on the holiday. i guess she's counting on the stupid people vote.

on this issue alone, obama proves once again that he can stand alone and make the right decision, just like his opposition to the iraq war. the clear difference between obama and hillary is that she's lying to her supporters to get them to vote for her. she'll say anything. obama hasn't stooped.

it's too bad that many americans are blind to hillary's shenanigans. do they just not care about the methods she uses to win? but it's clear that this nation needs obama as president. he will be good for the country in so many ways. his grasp of economics is way underestimated. all of his naysayers will be proven wrong.

more opposition to the mccain-hillary holiday:

In response to Senator Clinton and Senator McCain's recent calls for a gas tax "holiday," former Clinton Energy Secretary Federico Peña released the following statement today:

Today we're seeing another example of Washington politics at its worst. Senator Clinton is running TV ads and launching repeated attacks on Barack Obama for not supporting the gas tax holiday she's supporting, but today her own aides told the Washington Post that they know that this is a questionable plan and that they are using it to make it appear they're against big oil. The Clinton gas tax gimmick does little to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and will actually increase oil prices. It is the kind of pandering that insults people's intelligence. With energy prices skyrocketing, we're looking for real solutions—not political posturing to get elected.
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