Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama Press Conference on Wright

at obama's town hall in north carolina, he said he would be holding a press conference on wright today. he said that in response to a woman who said she was "sick to death" of the soundbytes of jeremiah wright. she encouraged everyone to watch the PBS interview if they had any concerns.

obama said that wright is diverting the attention from the real problems and he had planned to address the media today. it's good to hear that people are tuning out.

a man from liberia said that africans are praying for obama to become president and asked what this would mean to african children. imagine.

on the gas tax holiday, he reiterated that it would only save people only $25 to $30, and take away from the money that goes on to fix the roads. the solution is long-term, he said. "i want to solve the problem, not just patch things up to get through an election."

a woman asked about the demographics: why he wasn't attracting the white working class and older women. obama said that some of the reporting is skewed. he's won much of those demographics in other states.

he has not won them in ohio and pennsylvania. he said people there know hillary and feel loyal to her.

i'll post video when it's available.