Friday, April 25, 2008

Lesser Media Mischaracterize Wright

at, there are the clips of rev. jeremiah wright's interview that will be part of the bill moyers show on pbs.

wright is going to keep popping up, which is a good thing. the more people know, the less they will be afraid. it gives voters in north carolina and indiana and the remaining states an opportunity to expand their minds and learn that wright isn't as scary as those who are on the extreme end of the political spectrum are making him out to be. it's all part of the nasty game of old-fashioned politics, folks. you either play into it or you get informed and make up your own mind.

sure, there will be plenty of people who will automatically dismiss wright. but those are the kinds of people whose minds are impenetrable.

truthdigg also offers a link to the extended videos, that put his statements in context. for the truth about the unity church of christ, visit truth about trinity.