Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hillary's Revenge

many people are leaving the clinton camp for the obama camp -- there was bill richardson, bill's former cabinet members, several superdelegates, and others. but what if hillary stole the nomination? payback time. also, can you imagine all the promises and backdoor deals the clintons are making?
newsweek: Not that anyone will be sleeping with the fishes with Hillary in the White House, but with the Clintons it's business and it's personal. Just think of all the scores to settle, the grievances to indulge. Bill Clinton provided a preview this week, blaming the Obama campaign for playing the race card against him. Tricky maneuver, but perhaps the only way the former president can come to grips with his loss of standing in the African-American community, once his strongest constituency. (South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn, an undeclared superdelegate who is African-American, told the New York Times this week that the black community had supported Clinton during his impeachment and that "I think black folks feel strongly that this is a strange way [for him] to show his appreciation.")