Sunday, April 27, 2008

Marion Resident Kicks Off Obama Town Hall

a marion, indiana resident makes a compelling, heartfelt speech at an obama town hall. he talks about how the loss of his job affected his life. what a fabulous way to kick off a town hall, to have a real person tell his or her story. more, more, more of that.

it's interesting to note that indianans are in the same boat as pennsalvanians yet from what i can tell, they are less bitter, for lack of a better word. indianans and pennsylvanians face the same reality -- their jobs, manufacturing jobs that they've held all their lives, were stripped away and they've since had to retrain for new jobs, when they're near retirement. that is truly sad.

but pennsylvanians seemed much more bitter. at first, it seemed indiana was going to be more of the same. but indianans seem to have a different temperament. they seem to be more hopeful. maybe it's because hillary has had less of a divisive influence there, or maybe because indianans know better.