Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama Says He Needs to Woo Seniors

obama says he needs to expand his senior net.
they like bill and hill, he says. seniors like that "experience" and seniors vote reliably. obama didn't say this but some seniors also have a little of the the "lunch-box" worker thing going on, entrenched in old ways and as ridiculous as it sounds to some of us, they're less likely to vote for a black person.

seniors also probably feel like they can't vote for the guy that all the young folks like. that wouldn't be very senior-y of them.

cnn: "I have to say if you look at and I know my staff has talked about this: If you look at the numbers, our problem has less to do with white working class voters, the problem is, to the extent there is a problem is with older voters," Obama told reporters. "They are very loyal to sen Clinton. And I think part of that is they've got a track record of voting for not just Sen. Clinton but also her husband."

"We need to make sure on issues that are important to them — like prescription drugs or pension and retirement security — that I've got a strong track record on those issues and very specific plans to make sure that they are getting the kinds of help that they need," he also said. "And if we do that effectively, which you know we have tried to do it in all the states."