Wednesday, April 23, 2008

She Lives On

but gets virtually nowhere.
so we trudge on.
the irony is that many people in pennsylvania voted for bill. if hillary was running on her own merits, without a husband who was a former president, she would've been out a while ago.
security, as opposed to change, seems to be what pennsylvanians wanted. i suppose i can understand why it would be hard for seriously economically depressed folks to vote for obama. bill is a known quantity.
obama's an unknown to them and they consider the clinton years, despite the intern troubles, as good ones. obama is probably exotic for them as well.
thanks to all the obama volunteers who campaigned so hard in pennsylvania, and the voters, of course!
so glad we're out of there. we won't have to hear about hillary's scranton cottage anymore. hurrah! the worst mud slinging is yet to come! distort, distract, exploit. yay!
here's exit poll data. the state is mostly older people, the second oldest next to florida. they could probably use more young folks to help boost their economy, but they probably bolt after school because of the economy.
polls, by the way, were largely on target for pennsylvania.
general election polls have mccain leading obama and clinton but the obama -mccain margin is narrower.