Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hillary's Father Had a Drapery Business

oh my gosh, when you think she couldn't get anymore pander-y, hillary drags out draperies in indiana, talking about how she helped her father at his drapery business and how it gave her midwestern values.

i don't know what her values are but they are far from midwestern. i know many pundits are calling on obama to do the same, become a chameleon, but it seems so transparent and phony.

cnn: Talking about helping her father (a “small businessman,” she emphasized) in his drapery business when she was growing up in Chicago, Clinton told the crowd, “It was one of the many experiences that really taught me the values that I’ve had my entire life. You know, hard work, self-reliance, individual responsibility. Good Midwestern values that we were raised with and that we believe in.”

“I feel so fortunate to have that kind of background and upbringing and I know that’s what many of you have experienced as well here in Ft. Wayne and across Indiana,” she added.