Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Obama Talks Post Election

at an informal outdoor meeting with michelle and barack obama in indiana, a resident asked what happens after the election?
obama said (paraphrased): much of the grass roots organization that has been developed will still be in place after the election. people have organized across the nation.
we didn't originally have big plans for idaho but the people did. our database of 2 million people is active, inspired, they're communicating with each other.
i want to continue that with town halls after the election. i want to open up transparency in government so you know on a day to day basis what's happening. i want to revamp the whitehouse website, so you can see what's going on. i want to send government leaders out into the public.
enlisting the american people is one way to counteract the special interests.
i need the american people involved and to accept that sometimes there aren't quick fixes. we have to look out for the next generation.
for example, instead of the gas tax holiday, which was done in the 1980s, if they put the money into replacing the auto engine or developing alternative fuels, we'd be in a stronger position. but we just keep putting off the big issues. the time is now. that means making hard choices now.