Saturday, March 08, 2008

On the Minds of Superdelegates

tennessee superdelegate lincoln davis:
Like many Democratic voters he's officially on the fence between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
Congressman Davis says, "I lean both ways i look at one of the candidates and say maybe that's the best choice and i look at the other and say that's the choice for us."

One thing making the case for Hillary... the fact that his district voted overwhelmingly for her.

"In the district i represent, Hillary Clinton carried the vote by 79 percent that has to have some impact on my decision," says Congressman Davis.

Technically, Davis isn't bound to make his choice based on that reason. Davis says he thinks voters will make a clear choice long before the August convention in Denver getting him off the hook, but if not.

"What im gonna do is look at both of them, listen to folks in my district and then, make the decision of who should be elected and better serve," says Congressman Davis.

Davis says right now he isn't sure who is the best fit, but has good things to say about both of the the candidates.

For Hillary Clinton, Lincoln Davis talks about her experience and Barack his energy.

steve grossman says superdelegates should support whomever they want:
NEW YORK (AP) One Democratic superdelegate says he and others should not be considered "potted plants or rubber stamps." Steve Grossman, a Hillary Clinton fund-raiser and head of the Democratic National Committee under her husband, says superdelegates should support the candidate of their choice rather than simply back which ever candidate has the most pledged delegates to the convention.
mississippi super everett sanders says he's leaning toward obama:
“I represent the vote here in Mississippi, although I’m not bound to follow the vote,” Sanders said. “However if I want to get re-elected…”

He said both Democratic camps have contacted him and he’s been most impressed by Obama.

“I’ve been impressed with Obama and his ability to generate the support among persons who have not participated in the electoral process before,” Sanders said. “In my lifetime, the only other time I can recall such excitement among young voters was when President Kennedy was running for candidate,” he said.
philadelphia, pennsylvania super carol campbell is going with obama:

"Ever since I talked to [Obama's] wife, I knew I would support him," she said.

"The very night before she called, I was thinking about my dad the day he heard that Wilson Goode would run to become the city's first black mayor.

"I thought about the gleam in his eye. 'This is the day I've been waiting for,' " he said.

"Well, I've been waiting all my life for this day.

"How do you turn your back when everything in you is crying out?"

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