Friday, March 21, 2008

Chris Wallace Takes Fox To Task

context, context, context.
sunday fox host wallace tells fox fool hosts that two hour obama bashing is out of line and silly. fox distorts a statement made by obama. they cut the sentence to appear as if obama was bashing white people. these people -- fox and friends -- are despicable.

after watching the video, perhaps you'd might like to say "thanks" to chris wallace at sign the petition to get the other media to stop following fox on broadcasting smear news.
here's another great story from 'the nation," which says obama's only problem is racism:

There is a word for people who consistently deny the existence and effects of racism while denigrating black achievement. It's called racist. It is not a word that should be used casually, and it is a word that has at times been misused. But it is not a word that we should refrain from using simply because some people might be offended. Ferraro is a racist. That's not all she is. And that's not all she has to be. But that is what she has consistently chosen to be in her response to black men in politics.

To insist on this is divisive only insofar as it divides racists from antiracists. Those who seek to set underrepresented groups against one another must be challenged. There can be no progressive coalition in this country that does not include black men and white women. But that coalition must be based on antiracism and antisexism. Feminism that does not embrace antiracism, like antiracism that does not embrace feminism, is little more than a campaign for sectional interests masquerading as a struggle for equality. It seeks not an end to inequity but just a different division of the spoils.

Given his looks, oratorical skills and intelligence, it is difficult to imagine what Obama couldn't do if he were a white man; but it's pretty obvious that he wouldn't have had to make that speech. In the end, though, it may be less useful to speculate about what his candidacy would look like if he were a different race than to wonder how he would fare if there were no racism.

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