Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Record 4 Million Registered Democrats in Pennsylvania

record numbers of democrats (or party switchers) have turned out to vote this year, about 26 million, compared to 17.5 million who've voted for republican candidates.
the 26 million doesn't count early votes for john edwards and others. the republican votes count all the the long-forgotten likes of rudy juliani and the rest that i've forgotten.
in pennsylvania democrat registrations hit a record of 4 million. fingers crossed that most of these registered to vote for obama. if obama can cut into clinton's lead there, she might have to start thinking about her exit strategy since she's rattled on about "big states."

nyt: “It’s kind of incredible,” Harry A. VanSickle, the state’s elections commissioner, tells The Caucus as his office prepares to post the new numbers. “It’s the first time we know of that a party in Pennsylvania has gone over 4 million.”
republican registrations are at 3.2 million in pennsylvania. party registrations in pennsylvania ended yesterday.
this all points to a general election tsunami that favors the democrats:

Many state and local election officials expect turnout in the Nov. 4 presidential election to exceed that of 2004, when voter turnout hit 61 percent — which was the highest level since 1968, according to the Center for the Study of the American Electorate.

“November could see the highest turnout of my lifetime,” said Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer, 63. “Turnout could be up to as much as 80 percent.”

given the nature of the electorate "winner take all" process of the general election, if all those democrats and all those republicans voted in the general election in november, the democrat would get all the electoral votes in pennsylvania.

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