Friday, March 21, 2008

The Unfolding Passport Scandal

obama's passport files were examined by on outside contractor hired by the state department to help the department process passports quicker in light of the new travel rules to canada.

after condoleezza rice apologized to obama, the state department also said mccain and clinton also had their records breached. clinton's last year.

washington times reporter bill gertz said on NPR he's been investigating this and will have a bigger story on monday. he also said that, indeed, that the information in these files can be used for nefarious purposes, political dirty tricks. it's possible he said to change the information accessed and use it in another way. kind of what fox news does.
more from gertz:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice today apologized to all three presidential candidates for the improper access into their passport information by State Department personnel, as investigators began probing possible motives and why the breach was not detected earlier.

After being alerted yesterday by a Washington Times reporter to improper retrieval of Sen. Barack Obama’s personal information, State Department officials announced today that a review had found intrusions into the files of Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. John McCain as well.

One of the same contract employees who pulled Mr. Obama’s information earlier this year was found to have gone into Mr. McCain’s file.

Last summer, a State Department intern accessed Mrs. Clinton’s file during a training exercise, “and they were immediately admonished, and it didn’t happen again,” said State Department spokesman Sean McCormack.

An initial interview with one of the contract employees who took Mr. Obama’s information led State officials to conclude the actions were the result of “imprudent curiosity,” but Ms. Rice today promised a full investigation

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