Saturday, March 29, 2008

Clinton Defends Herself At Her Roundtable

at hillary clinton's roundtable today in pennsylvania, she defended her campaign. she said that she doesn't know where this call for her to get out is coming from.

clinton's only chance of winning is to persuade enough superdelegates that she should win. since march 3, obama has gained 19 supers and she has gained 9.
here goes former new york governor mario cuomo again, babbling on about the "dream ticket."

Think of it, over the next eight years we could elect both the first woman and the first African-American to become president. That's not a dream: It's a plausible, achievable, glorious possibility - if our two remaining candidates have the personal strength and wisdom to make it happen. The joint statement announcing their agreement would rock the nation and resound across the globe - sweeter than any political poetry; smarter and more meaningful than any tightly intelligent political prose.

cuomo has not been paying attention. there is a stark contrast between obama and clinton when it comes to leadership styles, integrity and character.

obama needs to choose his own vice president. why would he choose someone who has drug him down. i'd rather see someone fresh and not entangled in loyalty politics. this isn't about seeing the "first african american" or the "first woman." get over it cuomo. this is the highest office in the nation. it's about having the right person in office, the person who can be the best leader.

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