Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gore: Fallen Out of Love With Politics

al gore, who had the 2000 election ripped out from under him, has moved on to saving the planet, literally, and he told 60 minutes that he has fallen out of love with politics.

60 minutes pushed him on who he is supporting but he didn't budge. i don't blame him.

if obama has the election ripped out from under him, i would like to see him follow in gore's footsteps and go after a cause. with obama's support, he could do equally great things, if not more.

perhaps the best way to get things done nowadays is outside of politics.

go all gore.

update: i don't know how credible this story is but it says democratic party elders are weighing giving the nomination to gore and having a gore/obama ticket or a gore/clinton ticket.
on 60 minutes, gore seemed convincingly happy to me doing what he was doing. he seemed disinterested in politics.