Monday, March 31, 2008

CNN's Goofy Obama Headlines

yesterday the headline was "i'm terrible," referring to what obama said about his bowling game. he bowled mostly gutter balls yesterday in pennsylvania, and today the headline is something about a godfather.

combining "godfather" and obama in the headline is a cheap shot. it lends a shady aspect to the story. i read it a few times and couldn't grasp its point. another distraction, i'm sure. it doesn't even bother to get input from obama or anyone in the obama campaign, you know, for perspective or something along those lines.

it isn't just obama headlines, though. cnn has the most scintillating headlines. take today:
"dad kills kids in hotel"
"Dying dad must pay $$$$ to break lease"
"dog thrown off overpass"
where do they get all this news?