Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Clinton to Pull a Huckabee

clinton vows that she will go on and on.
what has she got to lose? she can tear obama to pieces and run again in 2012 after mccain has alas erased any doubts from our minds that change is needed. she could build her vice presidential argument for herself. but the clintons ultimate desire mwahaahaa, i'm sure, is to steal the election in the old fashioned way.
a compilation of clinton's best dirty tactics, from stealing pledged delegates to race-baiting.
this from time. she doesn't actually answer the question but makes a lot of innuendos:
HALPERIN: How would you describe your most likely path to victory now? What would the elements be and how would it play out?

CLINTON: Well, first I think that it's important to point out that the premise of the whole discussion that some people are engaged in is off base because this is a very close race and neither of us will reach the magic number of delegates. We're both going to be short, and when you think about the many millions of people who have already voted, we are separated by a relatively small percentage of votes. We're separated by, you know, a little more than a hundred delegates. I've won states that Democrats need to win in the general election in order to win the White House and obviously the strategy on the other side is to try to shut this race down, but I don't think voters want that. You know, there was a big surge in registration here in Pennsylvania. That seems to be happening in other states that are in the upcoming contests. Millions of people still remain to vote and to have their votes counted, so I think it's exciting and I find it very positive for our party. We're going to bring a lot of people into this race. Yesterday in Montgomery County I probably had six women tell me that they had changed their registration from Republican to Democrat to be able to vote for me, and I'm sure people are doing things to get prepared to vote for Senator Obama. I think this is all really good. And there's additional problems of Florida and Michigan, because I still don't see how the Democrats don't figure out a way to make sure their votes are counted. And I don't understand what Senator Obama was afraid of when I agreed and the DNC signed off on a re-vote in Michigan and he said no. So we're just going to keep this process going through these next contests. more if you can stand it

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