Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Obama's Bus Tour in Oregon

behind the scenes in oregon by congressman earl blumenauer of portland, oregon. he co-chairs obama's oregon camp.

I'm watching the intense crowd and its reactions. I've addressed far larger... 50,000 at the summer waterfront rally in the 2004 election and I am routinely on national TV and radio broadcasts. But this is a different experience entirely.

I worked hard to share my message in just five or six minutes to set the stage. I was surrounded by a sea of people who care so passionately.

It is hard to explain that experience because the air of expectation was so strong and the crowd so responsive. As a political speaker, it was exhilarating yet at the same time draining. In six minutes or so I rejoined my family, heart pumping and ears ringing, thinking that was only six minutes and Barack will do that for an hour, then again and again, all day.

In a few minutes the Senator took the stage with Gov. Bill Richardson. A notion of a possible "mystery guest" was in the draft agendas and by then the news was out that Richardson would make his endorsement.

This was a huge boost for the campaign from a key contender for President, from a national leader of Hispanics, and a former Clinton Cabinet official to boot! This was woven together for an audience transfixed. I looked at my own family... the 90-minute wait a thing of the past... carried away by the Senator, the Governor, and passionate supporters. lots more at blueoregon.

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