Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clinton Exploiting Delegate Loophole: More Dirty Tactics

what's this? unseating pledged delegates? i didn't know is could happen but apparently, clinton is working on a way.
from newsweek:

.....After the 1980 battle between Jimmy Carter and Ted Kennedy, her chief strategist Harold Ickes noted, the party changed a rule that required pledged delegates to stick with their candidates no matter what. The current rule, adopted in 1982, states that pledged delegates "shall in all good conscience reflect the sentiments of those who elected them." A "good conscience" reason for a delegate to switch, Ickes told NEWSWEEK, would be if one candidate—such as, say, Clinton—was deemed more "electable." If delegates believe she has a better chance in November than Obama, Ickes said, "you bet" that would be a reason to change their vote. (He added, however, that the campaign is "focused" on winning over uncommitted superdelegates "at this point.")

Ickes's comments prompted a fierce comeback from Obama spokesman Bill Burton. "Despite repeated denials," he said, "the Clinton campaign finally admitted that they will go to any length to win." One party official, who asked for anonymity when discussing sensitive matters, said the strategy behind Clinton's invocation of the 1982 rule was clear: "They're trying to open up a window for some of the Obama people to change their minds."

okay, here's what we have so far from clinton:
1) Her latest trick, before the above mentioned, is to repeat over and over that Obama is unelectable. In a conference call with reporters, Clinton’s strategist Mark Penn said that Obama is unelectable and even if he is electable, wink, wink, they will nonetheless hammer the idea that he’s not into the psyche of the American people. Clinton’s Pennsylvania mouthpiece Gov. Ed Rendell admitted that Obama is indeed electable.

2) Clinton went around floating the idea that Obama would make a great vice president. As if. That’s another ploy to appeal to those who don’t have a strong preference but think that if they vote for Clinton, they might get a two-fer.

3) She’s tried to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates, claiming that she won. Those states made a greedy power play by moving up their primaries, breaking the Democratic National Convention rules. Both Clinton and Obama and the parties agreed not to campaign in those states after the Democratic National Convention stripped those states of delegates.

Furthermore, Obama’s name wasn’t on the Michigan ballot. As Obama said, even his six-year old daughter could figure out that awarding the delegates to Clinton wasn’t fair.

In an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep, Obama said: “Our position consistently has been that the Michigan and Florida delegations should be seated [at the Democratic National Convention] and that we should come up with a system that is fair to all the parties involved.”

But Clinton isn’t about fairness or what’s right. She’s about winning no matter what the cost. And that’s bad. I don’t care where she stands on policy. She’s lost on character. All I see is someone who will do and say anything to get what she wants.

4) She’s actually going to lose Texas when the final count comes in. She’s been trying to delay that.

5)she hosted uncommitted superdelegate soiree at her house. perhaps she promised some superdelegates a few favors in exchange for their votes.

6)There is evidence that it was Clinton (including her operatives) who instigated the ideas that are now fuel for the ignorant-- that Obama hates Jewish people, that he secretly hates white people and that he might be a related to terrorists because his middle name is Hussein and he once wore a turban.

In February, Newsweek said it had access to some of these Clinton camp emails:

As the race between Clinton and Obama has sharpened in recent months, other Clinton campaign operatives have sent around negative material about Obama's relations with Israel, according to e-mails obtained by NEWSWEEK. In addition to Brzezinski, the e-mails attack Obama advisers such as Rob Malley, a former Clinton negotiator at the 2000 Camp David talks who has since written articles sympathetic to the Palestinian point of view, and they raise questions about Obama's relationship with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor at Obama's Trinity Church in Chicago.

Early on in the race, she tried this underhanded trick of pitting black people against hispanics.

let's see, have i missed anything? can anyone see a pattern here?

In short, Clinton’s actions are despicable. She’s exploiting the people in this country who don’t know any better. She’s playing on their fears, and she’s doing it at the detriment of several groups of people, Muslims, Jewish and black people. she's going to "kitchen sink" us.

Clinton has proven herself to be of poor character. Is this conniving kind of person really who we want to lead the nation?
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