Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Are Clinton's People Intentionally Race Baiting?

could it be? are we being bamboozled again? geraldine ferraro, steven king. here's ferraro caught in a flashback.
is this all part of clinton's "kitchen sink" strategy, to draw the ugliness out of people and pit them against each other, to divide people before the general election just so she can win?
i wouldn't put it past her. i will not vote for clinton if she cheats her way to the nomination. i will crawl into my apathetic hole.
the media has bitten and has been reeled in.
i have been drawn into the mud too and it doesn't feel good. the contest for the most important postition in the nation is being been reduced to the issue of race, and as one person put it, obama's campaign is being turned into a "black thing." that's not what obama is about.
well, i recognize it now and i'm no longer falling for it.
this blog will refocus on the positive. if someone says something stupid, i will ignore it. after all, if we ignored people who spew hate instead of giving them attention for their negativity, then they'd go away.
update: someone who agrees that this is just another clinton tactic. can we all call her a monster now and get on with it?
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