Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Michelle Obama Hosts 180 Kids at the White House

See a slide show here. I'm not one for fashion and I don't want to join the Michelle O fashion watch, but I really like her outfit. It's cheerful and striking.
WaPo: First lady Michelle Obama invited about 180 students from D.C. schools to the East Room of the White House today for a celebration of African American History Month and to hear a performance by the famous a cappella ensemble, "Sweet Honey in the Rock."

The pool was invited into the East Room about 4 p.m. (Also included in the audience were children of White House staff.)

The program began about 4:10 p.m. with an introduction by Chief Usher of the White House, Admiral Rochon.

Rochon, who the White House says always works behind the scenes, was invited by Mrs. Obama to share his personal story with the students. Rochon welcomed the students to the White House and gave a "special welcome to the first daughters, Malia and Sasha, and their wonderful grandmother," Marian Robinson, who sat in the front row. (Sasha wore red and had a silver head band. Malia was in yellow.)

Rochon told the students: "How exciting it is for me to come into the White House and greet the president and the first lady every day." He told the students a bit about the history of the White House -- that "the house was built by African-American slaves and freed men. I am the first African American to lead the staff." Read more

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Michelle's good with kids: