Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some Cartoonists Cutting Obama Slack Others Not

Read an exchange between two cartoonists on how a cartoon is drawn to cut Obama some slack.
Here's an example of a cartoonist who isn't willing to cut Obama any slack. See his ugly cartoon here. Here's his "reasoning" for his cartoon: 
We can’t find the middle in America with both hands. We’re either salivating for our President to take a bullet (Bush) or we’re j*cking off to him (Obama). Give me a break.

The whole “yes we can” horse squeeze is like listening to the pan flute. Sounds nice at first but after ad nauseam your looking for a pump shotgun and a Madonna concert. Setting BHO’s speeches to music (Will I. Am), pledging to “serve” BHO (Ashton and Demi), 13 issues w/ of Newsweek with BHO on the cover BEFORE he was elected, expecting BHO to get you a 40″ plasma but more importantly, his complicity in the whole cloying exercise is dangerous. Historically dangerous. Whether intentionally or not, he’s promoting a “cult of personality”.

Own a home? Kept up your payments? Too freaking bad. The guy next door didn’t and BHO’s gonna’ bail him out (”yes he can”) and guess where he’s going to get the money? Meanwhile, you’re making payments on a house w/ half it’s value eating off the dollar menu at MD’s. How’s that kool-aid going down now?