Saturday, February 28, 2009

Republican Spin: Obama's Going to Bankrupt Charities

One of the ways Obama plans to fund healthcare is to cap itemized deductions, which would reduce the tax incentives for the wealthy to donate to charities. 
Republican Pete Hoekstra's tweet:
Philanthropy is one of the things that makes America unique and special!Why would Pres Obama try to reduce incentives for charitable giving?
Here's why: With his policies, Obama's trying to lift the poor and middle class so they don't have to depend so much on charity. Wouldn't it be nice if a charity could close its doors because it was no longer needed?
Life is not right when the poor are dependent on the kindness of the rich.
The U.S. has increasingly become a nation where the have-nots depend on their daily bread from the haves. As we've seen from some of the republican haves, lifting the poor is NOT a priority. They disdain the poor as wretches who don't work hard enough or long enough.
Also, are the rich merely giving to charities for the tax break? In some cases, the answer is probably yes. But in others, I'd bet that's not their reason for giving.
If it is, all the more reason we need to have policies, such as healthcare for all, which helps create more self sufficient people. One of the main reasons people file bankruptcy is they can't pay onerous medical expenses.
To Hoeksra, I'd add this: Charitable giving isn't meant to be a way for rick folk to pat themselves on the backs, or for rich people to get a tax break. Charities are set up to help people.