Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stimulus Opposer Tim Pawlenty Will Take the Money

Actually, this is an intelligent response by Pawlenty -- it's the law and he's going to do his best. See who's not going to take the money.
WaPo: Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) criticized the bill as "a meandering spending buffet," but said his state is "going to accept the money."

"This is a bill that missed the mark in terms of being focused and targeted," Pawlenty said. "For many Republicans, it's not our bill. But it is now the law, so we have an opportunity and responsibility to try to implement it as best as possible."
The National Association of Governors is holding a meeting in Washington this weekend. One of the things they'll be looking at is infrastructure.
Sunday, they will dine with the Obamas:
The nation's governors will have dinner with President Obama and Mrs. Obama Sunday evening at the White House. The governors are also scheduled to meet a final time with the President on Monday before departing for their respective states. CNN