Monday, April 19, 2010

Media Getting Pissy About Access to Obama Administration

In this video, Chuck Todd refers to the White House attitude toward the press as "grumpiness." Folks like Chuck are complaining because they can. They're the ones who stand in front of the camera. In a sense, they hold all the power because they can spin a story any way they want and they do.
Chuck's griping also gives the appearance of bias, especially when he's complaining to a conservative, in this case Joe Scarborough. It also strikes me as unprofessional and irresponsible.
There's so much wrong with journalism today.
It's my contention that if they did a better job and behaved like journalists instead of giving us 24/7 tea party/Sarah Palin coverage, they'd get more access. Where was the healthcare analysis? I can't remember the last time I read a story that didn't have bias toward a conservative or a liberal viewpoint.
Newspapers blame advertisers for their demise, but if they had a quality product that people wanted to read, they might have advertisers. They've failed to look at their product.
Yesterday's NYT's story about Robert Gates is an example of how the NYT's use of anonymous sources probably led to an inaccurate story. The NYT appears to have been manipulated by someone with an agenda.
Who loses? The reader.
Scarborough actually mentions the Gates memo at the end of the video and Chuck Todd appears biased.

An update to this post: Robert Gibbs said the NYT didn't even have the full memo.