Tuesday, April 20, 2010

North Carolina and South Carolina Excelling at Turning in Census

The Census Bureau is trying to get the Census forms returned by Friday, that way we don't have to pay extra for people knocking on doors. The Census says:
If 100% of households mailed back their forms, taxpayers would save $1.5 BILLION dollars.
Why turn in your form? $400 billion in federal aid is distributed according to Census data. Who would've thought that North Carolina and South Carolina would be the high achievers in turning in Census forms. See how your state is doing in returning forms here The national return rate is 71%:
North Carolina and South Carolina surpassed 2000 rates last week, and Kentucky has matched its rate.

Counties and other states in their region also are responding strikingly better than 10 years ago — much of the improvement fueled by strong participation in small towns, according to a USA TODAY analysis. "There's variability across the country in areas that have organized their communities much better than others," Census Director Robert Groves says. USA Today