Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Obama Stops at Jerry's for Rhubarb Pie and Coffee

Obama apparently wanted to eat his pie and drink his coffee in peace and sent the press to the parking lot. Obama makes a pitstop at Jerry's in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Obama told the Ottumwa town hallers that he really likes pie and the White House makes good pie, which is what raised his cholesterol level.
The president of the United States likes his pie tart, his coffee stale and his reporters out in the parking lot.

President Obama, relaxed and strolling in shirtsleeves, popped by Jerry's restaurant on Rte. 218 in Mount Pleasant on Tuesday and took the afternoon crew by surprise around 2:30 p.m.

One of the workers immediately called his wife — who didn't believe him — so he handed the phone to former Gov. Tom Vilsack, who was part of the entourage, to confirm that Obama had ambled in. Read the rest at Politico
Obama also made a pitstop at MogoOrganic farm. Photo of Morgan Hoenig, founder of MogoOrganic, Obama, Tom Vilsack. See pictures and read more here.
Obama at Jerry's: