Monday, April 26, 2010

Obama Speaks in Quincy Illinois April 28

Updated April 29: See Obama's speech in Quincy here.

Updated with time information:
Obama tours POET in Macon, Missouri at 1:20 pm eastern time;
2 pm, Obama will speak on the economy;
3:20 pm, Obama will visit a local farm;
5 Pm, Obama will urge passage of financial reform, which republicans have voted twice to block.
Look for a live stream at or

On day two of Obama's rural tour, he'll visit a business, speak to farmers and make a speech:
Obama will spend the night in Des Moines before returning to Quincy at 10:10 a.m. Wednesday. The president will then visit POET Biorefining near Macon, Mo. According to White House releases, Obama will “talk to workers about what they are experiencing during these tough economic times and share ideas for rebuilding our economy in the long term.”

Later he will visit a nearby farm and visit with the family. Quincy Herald Whig
Day one schedule here.