Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birther Rally May 29

Update: Birther rally canceled. Birthers decided they needed to barbeque. Read the comments section at the cancelation post. It's pretty funny. Sad too. Seems some birthers aren't very bright.

Such a hapless lot of hopeless people.
If you haven't heard of the birthers, they are a fringe group who believe that Obama was born in Kenya or elsewhere, and therefore ineligible to be president. They say Obama's birth certificate isn't his real birth certificate.
They thrive on fear and hate.
Birthers were Sarah Palin followers (when she was vp candidate) and now are tea partiers (but not all tea partiers are birthers). I believe Politico was the first media outlet to write in depth about the birthers. David Weigel has a good understanding of birthers. He talks to NPR's Terry Gross here.
Without a doubt, birthers are merely bigots.
Birthers believe that Obama is Muslim with an anti-America agenda, which tells you what they think about Muslims. Some think Obama's the anti-Christ. I kid you not. I, unfortunately, am personally familiar with birthers. I have a relative who believes Obama is Muslim (and therefore a bad man).
Birthers believe Obama is an affront to "white culture."
There are actually birthers in Congress. Michele Bachmann is a birther. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Aaron Schock, Tim Murphy and Charles Boustany are on video supporting birthers as opposed to denouncing them.
I believe Palin is a birther. Birthers often hang out at, and They are led by Philip Berg and Orly Taitz.
There are also military birthers. Many birthers are older people.
Here is the birthers promo for their rally. Notice the especially racist, hateful frame at the very end:

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