Friday, April 30, 2010

Obama Administration Says No New Offshore Drilling Until After Investigation

The media is asking if this is "Obama's Katrina." Ugh. I'm not sure who thought up that analogy, but whoever did was someone who didn't understand what made Katrina so devastating.
A senior adviser to President Obama said the government would not allow any new offshore drilling until an investigation was conducted into the spill and whether it could have been prevented. The deadly explosion on an offshore oil rig last week and the resulting spill have complicated Mr. Obama’s recently announced plans to expand offshore oil and gas drilling, with some politicians and environmental advocates calling on the president to halt any planned expansions until more safeguards are put into place against future disasters. NYT
Watch David Axelrod, who says the Obama administration hasn't authorized any addition oil drilling and it won't until after a review of what happened. Axelrod also talks about immigration reform and Charlie Crist being run out of the republican party.