Sunday, December 27, 2009

Second Nigerian Man Arrested After Locking Himself in Plane Bathroom

Update: FBI gives the all-clear. A Nigerian businessman with a sick stomach gets dragged from the airplane bathroom, gets belligerent, but had no intentions of blowing up anything.
Investigators determine passenger was a businessman who became ill during the flight AP
All of the passengers are safe. The press doesn't know a lot at this time. CNN is reporting that a man locked himself in the bathroom for an hour on a Netherlands to Detroit bound Northwest flight. The man was questioned about his bathroom behavior and became belligerent. Apparently, the man said he was having stomach problems, which prevented him from leaving the bathroom when asked. No device was found on the passenger. At first glance, it looks like this guy could be a victim of heightened security:
Officials told NBC News the passenger refused to come out and may have had "stomach problems" that prevented him from leaving. The passenger became abusive when flight attendants opened the door and dragged him out, NBC News reported. MSNBC