Sunday, December 27, 2009

Obama Isn't Giving Terrorists What They Want: Fear

Republicans like to elevate terrorists to worthy status.
They like their terrorists to be prominent. They like a good enemy. It goes along with their need to exploit people's fears. Conservatives seem to be motivated by fear. It rallies them to their causes. It's why they enjoy guns so much. It's a fake symbol of bravery.
Conservatives react to fear and they're just not getting the reaction out of Obama that they want. In light of a two-bit terrorist putting explosives in his underwear, they want Obama to thump his chest and proclaim the greatness of the United States.
They think Obama should end his vacation. Why should Obama give terrorists that sort of stature? That's exactly what the terrorists want. They want to command attention. They want the President of the United States to put all things aside and show some fear.
Instead, the Obama administration is doing the work of finding out what happened and fixing the problem. The Obama administration isn't giving the terrorists what they want.
I don't think conservatives are politicizing terrorism. Quite the opposite. I believe that they are genuinely fearful of the terrorists. They're afraid. It's their conservative nature. Folks such as Peter King and Pete Hoekstra are just playing into the terrorists' hands.