Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Republican Howling Over Healthcare is Despicable

Judd Gregg calls healthcare reform a scam. It really ticks me off that republicans are howling over healthcare when they didn't lift a finger to make the bill better. They could've participated. Sen. Olympia Snowe found a way to work with Obama. They're being disingenuous and I find it highly insulting. If they wanted to make the bill better, they could have. Plain and simple. No one tied the republicans' hands except for themselves. They're a lousy bunch of trolls who are now making their last ditch efforts to destroy something they clearly didn't want any part of. Republicans were not interested in healthcare reform at the get go. They were intent on making this Obama's biggest failure. If we get a lousy bill, we can blame the democrats. But most of the blame would fall on the republicans, who've done nothing but distort, exaggerate and throw rocks as the democrats worked on the health reform.