Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Buchanan Suggests Hostile Interrogation for Farouk

Ideology at its finest. In a Morning Joe chat (video below), Pat Buchanan is plainly scared out of his wits. "This is a War!" he says. He thinks that Farouk, the failed underwear bomber, should be subjected to "hostile interrogation." Farouk is talking. His family is talking and by all accounts, they feel horrible about what their son did. It also looks as though Farouk was an easy target for terrorists to turn. Al Qaeda shouldn't get any kudos for that.
But conservatives are very afraid because fear is what motivates them.
Washington Independent's reporter Spencer Ackerman says Al Qaeda is dangerous but they don't have "Muslim heat vision." Buchanan thinks they do. Ackerman explains the breakdown in security here.
Here's a great read on why we shouldn't be bullied into fearing terrorists. As Ackerman says, fear is what the terrorists want. They want Obama to be a little more Bush-like. To stop all that vacationing and react in chest-thumping horror. I'm so thankful. Truly I am. That those days are over:
The nation gets attacked by thugs on 9/11, nothing more than an organized gang based in Afghanistan, and the nation responds in fear, attacking a country that had nothing to do with the event and killing thousands of innocents, an act that not only does not make the nation any safer but puts it in greater danger. For eight years after that fear and terror was the administration's stock in trade. There were so many color coded terror alerts I had to get a new wardrobe just to make sure I didn't clash. Wouldn't want to wear Yellow or Red on an Orange or Green alert day. So many freedoms were handed over in the name of fear they may never be regained and Benjamin Franklin's head would have exploded.

We had to fear each other for eight years. Fear the evil gays, they may want to get married and then go in to schools and churches and convert you and your children and make them in to a gay. Fear women who want to make medical decisions with their doctors, they may be cold blooded killers of the unborn and must be stopped. Fear anything and anyone different. Fear the illegal immigrants, they're here to take your jobs and your health care dollars. Fear those Hollywood Liberals or they'll do terrible things like give you health care and better education. Fear Russia for whatever reason. Fear China for not giving us any more money and for our incomes drying up. Fear oil running out or the Middle East cutting us off. And most of all, fear the terrorists, because they are, in fact out to get you and you will die.

Fear modified light brights used to promote a movie in Boston and shut down the city (remember the Aqua Teen Hunger Force debacle, that literally caused Boston to panic and nearly evacuate?) Fear a simple plane flying low over your city, as New Yorkers ran like Godzilla was coming out of the Hudson simply because Air Force One was having a photo shoot. Fear each other at airports, as every single person getting on a plane is treated as a potential terrorist. So, they could be, right?HP

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