Monday, December 28, 2009

Janet Napolitano Clarifies Her Statement on Terror Attempt

Janet Napolitano, who got ripped apart yesterday, clarified what she meant when she said "the system worked." I certainly didn't take it to mean that the system worked, especially after someone got through screening with explosives. Duh. But the media did and so did plenty of Obama critics. There are people with nothing better to do, who live day to day, just chomping at the bit to rip the Obama administration to shreds.
Napolitano got all kinds of criticism yesterday, from her hair to her gender. Sometimes Americans sure seem like common dimwits. People like Pete Hoekstra want the Obama administration to react with more emotion, to show some fear. But that's just not going to happen. Obama also gathers information before he speaks. He is expected to speak today.

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Republican Peter King is just scared. It's the conservative way. Hoekstra and others like him (wingnuts) simply believe that Obama is a terrorist sympathizer. They're nuts! I'm appalled that so many like King hold important positions in our government. He's just not helping the situation and his carping is making it worse. He's the ranking member of the Homeland Security committee! He's just as responsible as the Obama administration. He ought to be pointing fingers at himself. King says the administration is stonewalling but why would anyone want to provide information to these guys? For what purpose? How is King going to make this situation better? Obviously, he failed as a HOMELAND SECURITY COMMITTEE MEMBER. After he gets done being a bore, he cracks a joke about Joe Scarborough: